Angelo & Claudia Nardone - Our Story
Fairfax Station, VA
Executive Diamond Council

Family means everything to the Nardones, and they believe their parenting skills transfer to their business. As Claudia observes, "Being a successful IBO is much like being a parent. You want your downline to be independent. You want to empower them to make decisions, and to make sure they know the consequences of those decisions. We try to be completely open and communicate clearly, and we're rarely disappointed in people."

Angelo and Claudia are enlightened parents who make sure their home, in a suburb of Washington, DC, is a beautiful haven for themselves and for their children, Sonny, Natalie, and Nick. Claudia's special touch is evident everywhere, especially in the artful displays of her antique Christmas ornaments and glittering antique handbags. Angelo collects carousel animals, and has a 500-pound camel! Working out on his gym equipment helped him earn his Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do.

The Nardones have been in this business for over 25 years. Angelo says, "I started when I was getting a master's degree in special education at American University. I saw the business plan and went to a conference. I didn't have any time, but I knew I could do it part-time." Angelo worked as a therapist for emotionally disturbed children for seven years before becoming a full-time IBO.

"When we started our business, it was within the local Virginia, Washington, and Maryland area. Today, our business spans the globe.

It's like giving the world a hug and having it hug you back. We love this business!"

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